Failed Photographs

I love playing with aperture and shutter speed but I am not a photography professional - sometimes I fail. The plan was to use a high shutter speed and take a 'whirling hair' photograph (I am sure you know them, the photographs of the girls in bikinis at the beach or in the pool, whipping their hair back and forth just like Willow Smith does all day long), but I failed (I tell you, don't try to take high shutter speed photographs without a flash when it's dark outside).
Most of the time, failed photographs really fail. But sometimes, failed photographs have something. They have that thing which makes a photograph a cool or creepy photograph, and I believe this photograph has that thing. It's a failed photograph with a thing. It looks like Angela's a headless ghost and that is why I wanted to share this with you. Yay!

How To Clean A Blender

Hello there!
We told you how much we adore smoothies, but the struggle which will always be there is the cleaning-up process. We finally found out how to easily clean a blender, and we wanted to share our trick with you!
Have a lovely day!

-Angela and Sjoukje

We Decided To Take Some Pictures

Hello everybody!
It's the 28th of February today, and the Sun was shining bright. Win!
We decided to put on a coat, go out and take some photographs. And photographs we took! We wanted to share the results with you guys.
We normally only take photographs of each other but we decided to take a tripod with us so we could capture the both of us.

We got tired halfway through.

The last time we took photographs together, was in 2011. Such a long time ago! 

have a lovely day - Angela and Sjoukje

February Favorites: books

February favorites: books
February is the perfect month if you're a book lover. The long winter months are coming to an end and you will finally be able to read with natural light (yay!). We've composed a list of our favorite books we've read in the last 2 months or so, and we'd like to share it with you.

1.       The Fault In Our Stars, John Green
If you’re a human being, you’ve probably heard of this book. Every teenage girl seems to be obsessed about the love story going on between Augustus and Hazel. The book is extremely easy to read and you will want to read it in one go. If you’re looking for a book to read, you should start reading it right now because a movie is coming out very soon (the trailer’s already available). We’re not going to spoil the book for you, but you’ll cry!

2.       Will Grayson, Will Grayson, John Green
A second book by John Green is the book ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’, which I’ve read with great joy. The book is not as emotional as ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, so if you’re looking for an easy book to read you should definitely go for this one. The book is about a boy (Will Grayson) meeting a person with the same name (Will Grayson). The fact that their names are the same, creates some funny situations. This book is not about your typical teenage boy (one band: Neutral Milk Hotel).

3.       Seduction and Snacks, Tara Sivec
Even though the book is filled with swearing words and sexual references, the book is hilarious. The sexual references and swearing words actually make the book hilarious. The book is about a girl, Claire, getting pregnant (even though she didn’t ever want a baby) and meeting the boy who got her pregnant after a one-night-stand.  If you start reading this book, you’ll find yourself laughing and chuckling about every page again.

4.       Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan
We’re just adding another lighthearted book to this list of, well, lighthearted books. This book will not ever win a literature prize, but funny it sure is. The book is about a gay boy falling in love with another gay boy (and totally screwing up their relationship). If you’re interested in books about love you should defs read this one.

 Have you ever read one of the books listed above? 

Dr Martens

Everybody has got a certain type of shoes he or she loves. In my (our) case, it are Dr Martens - they are just so comfy and stylish at the same time. We bought new Dr Martens some time ago and we decided to make a little video about them and about how we like to style 'em. Here's a photograph of the pink ones (I (Sjoukje) have the pink ones, Angela has the bronze edition). I have worn the shoes eversince I bought 'em (they're not as comfortable as they should be yet - blisters all over) but they will be very soon.

You can check out the video right here.

Have a lovely day! - Sjoukje


I am easily obsessed. If I like a certain kind of series, I watch all episodes. In one day. Without sleep, without food.
If I like food, I eat it. Always. Every day. For weeks. 4 times a day.
Same goes for drinks - If I like them, I drink them. Every day. 10 times a day.

I have been extremely obsessed with drinking smoothies lately. We just got a new blender and blending is what I do, every day all day (yo). I will share my favorite recipes with you in the future (but I will have to collect them first because the all day every day blending hasn't been going on for too long yet).

Here's my new way of getting as much liquid fruit to be in my body in the shortest amount of time possible: empty jars (which used to contain huge amounts of food).

This may be one of the reasons why I everybody thinks I am weird. But weird I will be (with fruity goodness in my body). 

Have a lovely day - Written by Sjoukje

Lookbook inspiration #2

I can scroll through sites like for ages, with a large mug of tea, some cookies and my onesie. I love looking at outfits, combinations, colours - getting inspired and seeing what's hot. I have selected some of the loveliest photographs - some because the outfit is gorgeous, some because the photograph is magnificent (I'm a sucker for lovely sunsets, blurred backgrounds and detail). I hope you enjoy looking at the outfits!

The photographs and outfit may look rather simple, but it is the detail that creates this outfit. I don't like the shoes at all (I think white Converse would've completed this outfit, but that is my opinion) but I love how she used a blouse as a skirt. So creative, innovative, DIY-proof! It is to simple to film for a Grapefruitfriday video, but I love the idea. Her ombre-hair is perfect too - I love the beachy California waves. The simple shirt which fits the small bag perfectly completes this simple, yet stylish and creative outfit.

This is the kind of photograph I was talking about in my intro. The yellow/mellow colour, in combination with the relaxed girl with the big sunglasses with a casual sweater makes this photograph perfect. It would be perfect in a lifestyle/relax/fashion magazine (if such thing exists). I love it.

What a lovely skirt! The colour, the length, the 'flow'.. I love it! (Am I the only one who thinks this girl looks like Michelle Phan?!)

I love this Rock and Roll, grungy, black but not black outfit. The shoes, the jumpsuit combined with the blouse.. perfect! I love the John Lennon-style sunglasses too (which we saw before) - amazing.

The dress. Oh my god, how I love it. The simplicity! And a cat! If I had it, I would wear it week after week after week. I love it. Another thing I love about this photograph is the girl's tattoos. I adore tattoos, especially when they have a deeper meaning. It shows your creativity. Skin is boring.

Another yellow skirt! This one not so flowy as the first one, but this doesn't make the skirt boring or less 'wow'. I love how the girl put a simple shirt, simple skirt and not so simple shoes together, creating a fashionable, perfect outfit.

White Converse. They are so simple, yet so stylish - they fit every outfit, including this one. I wanted to share this because I love the white-black combination, and the photograph is perfect too - so linear, perfect.

This is the best photograph (actually, it's a collage) of this Lookbook inspiration. The outfit, the colours, the photographs.. it makes me want to go outside and drink lemonade and listen to relaxing music (I would, if it wasn't raining outside). I love this skirt! It is huge. The colours are perfect. I would definetely wear this.

The last photograph of this lookbook inspiration is a photograph with an outfit I would definetely wear. I love the white shoes (combined with the black tights!) and the simplicity of her hair (combined with that perfect eyeliner of hers) completes the school/secretary-like look. The photographs are so symmetrical - perfect. Outfits and photographs like these make me happy.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day